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I am proud of being a Professional Food Photographer. Producing great food photos for clients in Singapore & Malaysia is my mission.


Great food photo comes from great food presentation, known as Food Styling, which is included in my service.


Your food will be shot in your place, no matter it is your restaurant, kitchen, office, even warehouse.


Before shooting, we will have discussion in order to produce good food photos you wanted.

Charge Rate ( for Singapore)


From Singapore Dollar $990 per day (9 shooting hours),

could produce up to 50 basic photos maximally

Basic Charge

Basically is charge by time,  only RM200 per working hour (min 3 hours) , providing max 4  finalized photos per hour.  One day (10 working hours)  is only RM1,900, including full set flash light, food styling...  The final photo quantity depending on the actual requirement and shouting situation like complexity, smoothness... If it is difficult, use more time on one photo, the final quantity will be lower, then the average cost will be higher, on the other hand, if easier, then then cost will be lower :)

Food Menu Photo Package

Only RM1,900

for 50 edited photos


One day shooting

8 working hours

One shooting angle

Simple background

Food styling service not including


Average RM36 per photo

Whatever you want to know about food photography,
whatsapp me directly at 
6012-7039 392
Any enquiry is welcome :)

Charge Rate

( for Malaysia Klang Valley)


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